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Fifa 2011 is a soccer game developed by the well-known EA Sports, in which you could feel as a professional footballer playing with the most prestigious football teams in the world.

The game has a great amount of available teams, leagues and players. In concrete, you can choose the one you want among more than 15,000 professional players, in 500 different football teams and play in 30 official leagues in the world.

Further of being just a continuity of the saga, FIFA 2011 provides several new features like Personality+, which is a joint of several improvements made in player’s behavior while they’re on the soccer field.

What’s new ?

Mainly, the incorporation of the characteristic ‘Personality+’ is what stands out in this version. This realism is not only based on player’s behavior; it will be also decisive in the development of the whole gameplay. For instance, the keeper will act according to how he does in real life. If he is more acrobatic or traditional, this will be reflected in your game.

Apart of how they play and their behaviors, this realism is increased in other curious fact: the celebrations. Thanks to the improvement Personality+ Celebrations, you could recreate how your favorite football player celebrates his goals and the interaction among his teammates.

Fifa 2011 Features

FIFA 2011 has improved its passing system, determining the accuracy to the ability that the player has. It will be a bit more difficult than before. If you’re not sure of what you want to do, you can lose your opportunity of scoring!

Other new incorporations have been the 360 grades dribbling, which provides a huge control over the ball and its trajectory; personal songs to cheer up your team, choosing yourself which anthem you want for your football club; and the advanced goalkeeper awareness, being faster in reaction when the ball is near him.

Similar soccer games

If you’re interested in this kind of games, you have several possibilities. For example, you can play the new FIFA edition, which gives you the possibility of playing online and offline. However, if you prefer going back to the past, you can do it with the classic Fifa 2005.


FIFA 2011 offers you huge possibilities to configure your game at your size. You have a great amount of available players, teams and leagues and new changes in the game which make it more realistic.

Some features are restricted

  • Quite interactive
  • Realistic
  • Huge possibilities
  • New advances
  • Lack of advanced online mode